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​​​read the article and answer the following questions.​

​​​read the article and answer the following questions.​

I’m trying to study for my Psychology course and I need some help to understand this question.

read the article and answer the following question


1.State the name of the article, authors, place of research, and the related chapter and subsection.

2.What is the Research Question? Review some past research (literature review) and the scientific theory is was based upon.

3.Describe the “Hypothesis” with the Independent and Dependent Variables. Describe the research design.

4.Review the Method (Number and type of subjects, the manipulation or treatment).

5.Review the Results.

6.Evaluate the Strengths and Weakness including the limitations of the research. The conclusion should include a short statement on the experiment’s relationship to the chapter and the health psychology class. (the chapter pages are also attached below)

7.If it is a meta-analysis or review, spend more time on the results and type of studies reviewed. There is still the hypothesis and theory.

please answer the questions in complete sentences. and please read the article.

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