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9 questions IO psychology no word or page count

9 questions IO psychology no word or page count

I need support with this Psychology question so I can learn better.

if you don’t have turnitin, do not bid i need a turnitin report of the questions answered thanks

each question is numbered, copy and past the exact questions and numbers in the document and then underneath answer them so i will know that each prompt was answered and what goes with what there are no word or page counts just directly answer each prompt below to the specifics i will take it from there and add additional information i have to write a 10 page paper out of this information so make sure what you give to each number prompt below directly answers it so i can extend efficiently into a paper thanks

the document i have created for me to do write this paper is attached (highlighted in yellow), if you want, you can find the prompts below in that document under the headings and answer them there if not just copy and paste and answer under each either way is fine with me but i am uploading the document so you can understand what i must do with your answers thanks in advance

1. Briefly describe an ethical dilemma that could occur when practicing I/O psychology. Identify the ethical standards from the APA Ethics Code that apply to the dilemma and explain why.

2. Explain how your personal morals, values, and judgement might influence your decision to resolve the ethical dilemma. Provide specific examples to support your explanation.

3. Explain how at least two situational factors might influence your decision to resolve the dilemma.

4. Self-assess your ethical competence in the context of I/O psychology, that is, your ability to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas using the APA Ethics Code.

5. Then, describe three ethical skills and/or knowledge areas in which you need further development.

6. Explain what steps you will take to develop those skills or area, including specific resources you would use and/or professional development opportunities you would pursue.

7. Describe a specific scenario in which you may have to confront or report unethical and/or illegal behavior in your role as an I/O psychology practitioner.

8. How would specific APA ethical standards guide your response to the unethical and/or illegal behavior?

9. What additional professional strategies would you use to confront or report the unethical and/or illegal behavior?

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