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are-the-essential-items-and-information-computer-science-homework-help – Nursing Writers Hub

are-the-essential-items-and-information-computer-science-homework-help – Nursing Writers Hub

Answer the one question from each section below.  â€“ 700 words or less

Section One:

  • As the project manager leading an IT project – what are the essential items and information that must be covered during the project kickoff meeting.
  • After reviewing the course materials on the Tuckman Model. As the project manager, what are the deliberation actions you must take to manage and move the team forward during each stage of the group dynamics model? Be specific. 

Section Two:

  • Describe several ways to assess project performance – you may include EVM-EVA but also list at least two other approaches. Discuss when you would use one over the other and any benefits or detriments of each. Cite at least one reference in APA style (both in-text and reference citations) in addition to any of the resources listed in your required or optional reading/viewings for the week.
  • Discuss how EVM is related to key performance indicators (KPIs) in project management. We have not discussed KPIs in great deal in this course so far, but they are well known in the project management field. You will need to do some self-guided research for this question. Cite at least one reference in APA style (both in-text and reference citations).
  • Research “tools” (can include templates, software, etc.) or methodologies that are available for monitoring and controlling costs in an industry you have not worked in. Then discuss how they could be used in your current industry. Cite at least one reference in APA style (in-text and reference citations).

use any reference as a source for your posts, you must use the APA in-text citation format to credit the author.


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