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Assignment of environment Sustainability – My Nursing Assignment

Assignment of environment Sustainability – My Nursing Assignment

The article in the file

The request:
Summary Report on Sustainability: You will write a summary report on Environmental/Ecological Sustainability appearing in a scientific magazine or in a science journal such as -Scientific American Magazine, The Scientist, Science, Nature, etc. (2011-17). Check with me if you are not sure about your article/topic and its sources. The purpose of this summary report is to provide a brief account of the content of a scientific article on sustainability. You also need to write your own reflection to the article (last two paragraphs). Begin your assignment early and try to budget your time for writing and editing your summary. The sustainability assignment due date will be announced in advance.
Rubric for the Summary Report (20 pts.): This summary report will have three pages (double-spaced-typed pages). Use: white paper (8×11), Arial or Times New Roman font of size 12.
1st page is the Cover Page (6 pts):
On top of the 1st page, type Summary Report on Sustainability for your heading, below that type the title, author(s), date, name of publication, volume information, and finally on the next line your full name, and the current date.
oAbstract: on middle of the 1st page type Abstract. Under the abstract subtitle write 3 sentences explaining the paper’s important content: 1) the topic/concept being investigated, 2) the results obtained, and 3) your reflection. Therefore, you should start writing your abstract after you have written the entire summary report.
2nd and 3rd Pages ((14 pts): Write and organize the following content of your summary report on these pages:
Introduction: Briefly describe the topic and scope of the investigation being discussed in the paper.
Methods and Materials: Indicate the methods employed for observation or experimentation and materials used.
Results: Summarize important results found in the article.
Conclusion: Briefly cite the principle conclusions.
Reflection: Write your own reflection to the article and give reasons for your reflection.
Reference: Write the reference of the original research article at the end of your report.
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