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Checkpoint 5: Opposing Viewpoints

Checkpoint 5: Opposing Viewpoints

I don’t know how to handle this English question and need guidance.

Locate a topic under the “Issues” tab that is interesting to you on the website Opposing Viewpoints in Context through the Alabama Virtual Library. You must be in the state of Alabama when accessing this website. Refer to this handout on accessing the AVL before you attempt to complete this assignment.

Here is the link to the list of databases on the AVL, Opposing Viewpoints should be in the right-hand column: (Links to an external site.)

Once you have located an interesting topic, click on it, and scroll down to the “Viewpoints” category and click on “View all.” Look through the list of viewpoints and choose two that are obviously on opposite sides of the issue. Read each one carefully. In a 500-750 word essay, discuss which side each author is on, analyze how well they make their case, and make an arguments for which one you believe has done the best job at arguing his or her opinion.

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