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Client Advocacy and Connecting Neurobiology

Client Advocacy and Connecting Neurobiology

As a mental health professional, you are called upon to advocate for clients in mental health settings. For this Assignment, imagine you have been called into a panel discussion with the case study team for Suzy. Your plan is to advocate for Suzy through her mental health treatment.
In a 3-page, APA-formatted paper, address the following in your advocacy for Suzy:

Identify which neurotransmitters may be affected in Suzy’s case and justify your selection based on evidence from the case and the Learning Resources.
Identify three drugs that could be used to treat Suzy’s mental health symptoms and explain how these drugs may affect her neurotransmitter function.
Identify one possible drug of addictive potential that may contribute to her mental health symptoms.
Explain how your awareness of using the right drugs helps in advocating for clients through mental health treatment.

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