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dating-assignment-help – Custom Nursing Help

dating-assignment-help – Custom Nursing Help

Courtship and dating have changed significantly over the last century. Through online dating as well as dating and hook-up apps, the world of dating today is significantly changed from dating only 15 years ago. In the past, there was more formality to dating, and relationships seemed to take longer to become “serious.” Today, relationships may develop much faster, and with hook-up apps, relationships may not be intended to last. Do courtship and dating have a faster timeline to reach a serious relationship today than they did in the past?

This assignment is an opportunity for you to compare and contrast dating today to dating in the past. Discuss how norms and values have changed over time. Think about how media influences our perceptions of what is normal and acceptable. One of the purposes of this activity is for you to learn about at least one dating site or app and be able to explain the similarities and differences between past and current dating practices.

You will share you findings as a discussion post with images embedded. You will use pictures and words to explain the differences in dating norms.

Helpful information: The New York Times has a section on dating and courtship every week.


  • Minimum of 500 words; maximum of 750
  • APA formatting with page numbers
  • Connect to the text (Chapter 4) at least twice
  • Uses at least 2 news articles (not blogs or opinion) from credible news sources
  • Use at least 2 images (you may cite images by providing a link to them)
    • One image to explain dating in the past
    • One image to explain dating today
  • Summarize past dating norms
  • Summarize the dating practices of the app or site you examined
  • Compare and contrast the past and current dating practices.
  • Properly formatted list of all references used

To upload an image correctly:

  • click on the icon to the right of the paperclip
  • browse your computer for the image
  • slect the image
  • click insert
  • wait for the image to upload


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