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Discuss mental recovery and society in the soloist

Discuss mental recovery and society in the soloist

I need some assistance with these assignment. mental recovery and society in the soloist Thank you in advance for the help! In Chapter 6, Steve meets with Richard van Horn to discuss what to do with Tony’s mental illness. Van Horn advises Steve to go to The Village to ask advice from a mental health doctor, Mark Ragins. Steve observes as Dr. Ragins handles an outpatient, David, who says he is schizophrenic. Dr. Ragins says that he rejects the medical model that focuses too much on medication and hospitalization. He prefers building trust with patients to help know more about their own goals as people, which is the foundation of his recovery model. These goals are important in motivating patients to cope with their illness. Ragins argues that mental illness is not about curing the disease but treating the person through helping the mentally ill integrate into a community that accepts them and helps support their services so that they can be productive and independent to some extent. Ragins is successful because the staff who work with him are not doctors or healthcare professionals, but once-mentally-ill patients like David. In Chapter 7, Steve worries about Tony so he decides to spend the night with him. Tony is suspicious of this request but is okay with it. He says he sleeps at Toy District. Toy District looks very unsafe to Steve who sees dealers, prostitutes, addicts, and thugs everywhere. Tony arrives and he does not mind the rats and trouble around him. He says he is comfortable in a place he knows and does not like the idea of being in a room that feels like a prison. Steve feels the injustice of the world when war veterans and talented people like Tony do not get the health care services and support they need to have better lives. Chapter 8 narrates Joseph Russo, Tony’s classmate at Juilliard, who talks about Tony’s talent and the first signs of his mental illness. In Chapter 9, Tony speaks about his treatment in Cleveland. He remembers shock treatment that he hated and medication that calmed him down.


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