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Discussion Easy Rider and Double Indemnity

Discussion Easy Rider and Double Indemnity

I need support with this Film question so I can learn better.

these are about 2 separate movies so kindly do them on separate docs

Easy Rider Discussion:

In about 150-200 words answer the following:

“Easy Rider” was a wildly successful film when it was released nearly 50 years ago. Do you think the film would be successful if released today? Why or why not? If you think not, then in what ways would it need to change to be successful.

Also, name your favorite part of the movie and why? And why overall you liked, or did’t like, the film

Double Indemnity Discussion:

Do you think this film would be popular with today’s audiences? Why or why not? How could it be more popular with today’s audiences? What was the main reason – or what were the main reasons – you liked or didn’t like the film?

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