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Discussion on how men and women are portrayed by society and the media

Discussion on how men and women are portrayed by society and the media

I need some assistance with these assignment. how men and women are portrayed by society and the media Thank you in advance for the help! However, what we are thinking, as love in society is determined by women, and not by men (Gelsthorpe 53).
Society in the past viewed men and women from different perspectives. Their roles were well defined by the norms and taboos of a given society. The crisscrossing of duties was prohibited, and penalties were put in place to handle any uncouth behaviour. However, changes occur every day concerning the roles men and women play. Today, their roles are reversed. This has seen society change drastically within a short duration of time. With the transition of society, men and women continue to modify their lifestyles and way of living. In the field of administration, women are now heading countries, big organizations and small ones at the grass-root level. Academically, women are now studying technical courses, which were only left for men. Women have now moved from kitchen and bedroom materials to the head of the families. Their duties and responsibilities have changed from caretakers to economically productive people in society.
Gender equity has now chipped in, and with the company of love, men can now share duties with their partners. Mode of life has further changed considerably. To some extraordinary scenario, it has proved to be slightly complicated to allow women to participate actively. This is not due to discrimination, but the view of the society in some circumstances, women are viewed as vulnerable. For instance, a war situation. In the negative side, the society terms women as the weaker sex because occasionally, they feel annoyed if the other partner shows love with masculine behaviour. They claim that it is invisible to them (Mark 36). How society views men and women culturally vary from place to place, ideas of appropriate behaviour based on gender are varying among cultures along with the era. Although some aspects receive extra widespread attention than some others, Masculinities and Feminism claim that there are traditions where it has not been a taboo for men to contain homosexual relations. At the same time, there are others, which term as a vice, based on cultural beliefs and customs.

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