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Engl 1301 500 word MLA format

Engl 1301 500 word MLA format

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Narrative Journal: “What I Would Bring”

O’Brien gives lets us learn all of our character information about the soldiers in “The Things They Carried” through the items the men carry. In this journal, you are using the same technique to provide a character analysis of yourself. Keep in mind that this is a narrative journal, not an essay, and it will be written from the 1st person point of view. Make sure you read the following journal prompt carefully. Make sure you address ALL the points of the journal. 500 word minimum in MLA format

Consider a scenario in which you must leave your home. Chances are, you will never return, and you may only take with you what you can carry and fits in your one backpack. What do you choose to take with you? Do you bring necessities or memorable items (photos, keepsakes) or both? When you have to get rid of items, what do you choose to let go of first? What will you be left with? Why do you think you make these choices? What influences you, and what do these choices say about your values? Another way of thinking of this: if you, like a soldier, were to be killed during this hypothetical journey, what would the items found on your person say about your character and who you are? For this journal, focus more on your self-character analysis than you focus on the scenario that forces you to leave.

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