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final report 19 – Custom Nursing Help

final report 19 – Custom Nursing Help

The final individual project reports are designed to reflect each student’s understanding of the group project. Accordingly, the report should cover the following key points:

 In your opinion, why is the problem you selected important?

 What is your understanding of the nature of the problem?

 What are the limitations of existing solutions to the problem?

 Did your analysis lead you to any innovative solution(s) to the problem? If so, please explain briefly. If not, why not?

The problem that i chose is financial barriers on women’s higher education in the united states, the outline/the topics i want to include beside the listed above questions are included in the word document i attached!! please use it and the links provided as well

i included two documents one of them is what my presentation looked like and should be used as an outline to what major things should be discussed in the paper

The individual research project report should be between 2200-2500 words. Please remember the general guidelines about good writing. Each piece of work is a reflection of you. Accordingly, you should always strive to do your very best. In writing your paper, please pay close attention to the following:

 The essay should have a clear structure, an intro, a body and a conclusion. Any essay of this length should also have headings (and sub-headings if necessary).
 The essay should have a clear thesis or argument.
 The essay should substantiate (i.e. provide evidence for) any general statements.
 Please avoid repetition and circular arguments.
 Please avoid sloppy, imprecise and incorrect us of words or unclear statements.
 The paper should be properly formatted and be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
 The essay should include in-text references to the sources you used and include the corresponding bibliography. work cited page
 Please count the number of words and add it at the end of your essay


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