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HCM 530 Module 7 Gold Standards and Clinical Epidemiology

HCM 530 Module 7 Gold Standards and Clinical Epidemiology

Case Questions: Answer the case questions, with research from your book, CDC, NIH and other quality sources to determine answers and solutions. You are to write a 2-3 page paper in APA formatting that aIDresses the following questions. Note: A minimum of two references should be used, which should include your textbook and the CDC, and others that support your responses in your paper. This is a paper, so your answer should not be numbered, but rather it should use titles and subtitles. 1. What are the elements of a good screening program for the problem of Chlamydia infection in men? 2. What is a reference standard? What is meant by gold standard? What is the expected sensitivity and specificity of the reference standard? 3. What is meant by the term point of care testing? Why is the concept useful in health care planning? 4. Knowing that the disease prevalence rate for women is 25% and for men is 7%, how does this impact positive predictive value for each gender? 5. What is the health care impact for men of false positives? 6. What are the screening implications of using urine instead of urethral swabs (men) and endocervical swabs (women)? 7. What is the value of the research finding that the simple LE dipstick has the highest sensitivity for screening?


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