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Requiring employees to perform or execute their responsibilities is a typical component to an organization’s system. Telling employees to perform may often leave them feeling like they are being controlled. However, when employees feel motivated, the process transitions from being told to perform to wanting to perform. As such, employees’ performance is greatly enhanced when they are motivated to do so.

For this discussion, describe a situation you have experienced where motivation has positively influenced an employee’s performance. If you do not have any workplace experience, consider a situation that you have experienced in school when you felt motivated to improve your performance. In either case, what techniques were used to instill motivation?

In responding to your classmates’ posts, respectfully critique the experiences they have shared. Encourage further elaboration by asking your classmates questions and offering alternative viewpoints.

Support your initial post and response posts with scholarly sources cited in APA style.

Note: As you work on this discussion, keep in mind your assessment of the Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant in Milestone One and apply the concepts you are exploring here to your root cause analysis of Engstrom in Milestone Two due in Module Four.

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