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Ias regulations and standards analysis

Ias regulations and standards analysis


You are a Principal Information Assurance and Security Analyst for a well-known music producing company in California. Due to the increase in illegal production of music and videos, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) has tasked you with developing a security policy on digital rights management (DRM). Part of the task, is to research and report back to them on the current laws, statutes, and regulations that focus on DRM. You are asked to identify specific laws, regulations, and statutes and develop a new policy to be distributed corporate-wide.

Use the study materials and engage in any additional research needed to fill in knowledge gaps. Write a 3–4 page paper that covers the following:

  • Describe five applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, or statutes that relate to DRM.
  • Analyze the objectives and challenges of enforcing federal state and local DRM laws, regulations, or statutes.
  • Identify the current practices among federal, state, and local law enforcement related to DRM.
  • Develop an e-mail-type communication announcing the new policy including:
    • Reason for the new policy.
    • Specific details of what constitutes legal and illegal copyrights.
    • Potential ramifications for violations.

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