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of-Populations-history-homework-help – Custom Nursing Help

of-Populations-history-homework-help – Custom Nursing Help

Using your knowledge from previous chapters that discussed economic groups, compare the various experiences and acceptance of those groups by 1840.

Below are some economic groups to consider:

  • Factory workers
  • Railroad workers
  • Indentured Servants
  • Agricultural workers
  • Society elites, bankers, and stockholders

Include groups that support/defend your thesis. Complete a presentation in Prezi, PowerPoint, video, or other presentation, formatted according to according to CSU-Global’s Guide for Writing and APA Requirements. It should lead the viewer through the information in sequential order with transitions of some type to make a cohesive presentation that includes an introduction, a body and conclusion, references, and a citation page (similar to an APA References page). The presentation must also meet these requirements:

  • At least six slides
  • Each slide must include text or audio narration
  • Each slide must include at least one image
  • Include a three-page transcript to accompany the presentation. This should be a separate Word document that does not need to be formatted according to CSU-Global APA requirements. It should, however, indicate which part of the presentation it is aligned to. Label slide or frame numbers in the transcript only (to match the presentation).
  • Information must be thoroughly covered in the submitted document, without requiring supplements; all information must be conveyed clearly and completely, without reliance on a formal presentation or speech accompanying the slides for clarity.


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