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Perspectives-on-Learning-Experience-Online-LEO-homework-help- Custom Nursing Help

Perspectives-on-Learning-Experience-Online-LEO-homework-help- Custom Nursing Help

WRTG 293 participants,

This might be your first class in LEO. Or you might have taken quite a few classes in LEO.

LEO, or Learning Experience Online, is the interface UMUC uses in delivering its online classes.

Please respond to this discussion thread and mention three issues you might like to see improved in the LEO interface. If you have taken classes in LEO before, you can draw upon your previous experience. If this is your first class in LEO, you can peruse the interface and gather ideas.

In your response, please write what the issue or function is that you would like to see improved. Then write one or two sentences describing why it needs improvement.

In addition, consider what Jameson says in her article about tone in writing. Imagine if you were to write to the designers of LEO and mention these items you feel could be improved. Please draw upon one or two points in Jameson’s article and discuss how your tone would best be managed when writing to the individuals at LEO. You might especially consider pages 335-336, in which Jameson discusses Jack R. Gibb’s analysis of tone.

This discussion is related to our first writing assignment.


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