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Phase 2 ​​Good morning JasonKirk​,

Phase 2 ​​Good morning JasonKirk​,

I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

Good morning JasonKirk,

As I said that to you before when u did phase 1 I’ll keep working with you until phase 9 to get this project done. Now I want you kindly to have a look at the example and phase 2 Draft Peer Review before you start to write anything. B/c that will help you to get more clear ideas.

Please if get some information from the book I provide and add the reference for this book.


The thing to think about when you start Phase 2 is that in Phase 1 you made some assumptions about what the instructional problem was. Now, you’ll have to actually provide some evidence that that is the case.

You’ll want to include Phase 1 in the same document as Phase 2 and keep doing that

On Phase 2 you should really concentrate a lot on the reading

((I made many changes in phase 1 you must read it carefully. ))

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