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Planting a Tree. – nursing writers

Planting a Tree. – nursing writers

I will pay for the following article Planting a Tree. The work is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
1. Identifying which tree you want to plant is the first step in this regard. Clearly define which tree you want to plant and what your purpose of planting the tree is. If you are planting a tree just for the purpose of planting, your choice may differ. However, if you are planting the tree so that you can grow it and eat its fruit your overall effort may be different. It is therefore extremely important to define the purpose for which the tree is being planted.2. Selecting the right time of the year is another important step because not all trees can be planted in every season.
Planting trees in summer or late spring may not be suitable as the heat may not allow the plant to grow properly and may ultimately die down. It is critical that the right time of the year must be chosen to plan the tree. 3. Digging the hole in the right size and width is another important step to be performed in order to successfully plant the tree. Many times, people dig holes that are either large or wider and thus may not be suitable for the planting of the tree. One can learn from the intuition as to what should be the right width and depth of the hole considering the size of the tree being planted.

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A typical standard to dig the hole of the right size is to dig it at least twice as large as the root ball of the tree. You may also need to check the local requirements for digging the hole of the right size especially if you are digging it near a telephone booth or other public places. There may be certain restrictions on digging the hole over the particular size in local areas so better check with the local requirements. 4. Once the hole is dug, the next step is to place the tree in the hole in a manner that it can easily fit the tree inside the hole.
The overall process to place the tree in the hole is, however, different for large and small trees. If you are planting a small tree, it is easier to upside down the pot and removes the tree to plant it. However, if the tree is large, you may require a large scissor or knife to actually cut through the packing and then place the tree in the hole of the right size. Sometimes, large trees have ropes around their trunk therefore if you find one. try to cut it after you actually place the tree in the hole.
Once you unpack the tree, try to place the tree gently and ensure that the hole is wide enough to accommodate the tree. At this moment, it is extremely important to ensure that the hole is not shallow neither is deep and then gently places the tree.5. Once you place the tree in the hole, it is important to cover back the hole with the soil removed while digging the hole. Sometimes, the soil may not be suitable therefore you may require some composted manure to fill the hole. Composted manure will actually further fertile the soil and will also make it soft so that enough water can reach the roots of the tree.
Make sure that you have composted readily available at the time of planting the tree.6. Make sure that you use the proper organic fertilizer for the tree to grow as commercial fertilizer may burn the tree. Once you cover the hole with the soil and manure, the use of good quality fertilizer is essential to help the tree to grow easily.7. Continue to water the plant and ensure that the plant gets adequate sunlight, water, and fertilizer to grow. Planting tree is a lifelong process therefore continues to take care of your tree till gives the fruit and increases your efforts to get more fruit by properly watering the plant.
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