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pol 100 essay – Custom Nursing Help

pol 100 essay – Custom Nursing Help

Go to and find a RECENT article dealing with domestic policies of the United States, economic policy, or foreign relations–your choice. Remember that The Economist is a print publication. You can buy a copy, or go to the library if you cannot get sufficient choices on the web-site, which is more limited than the actual publication itself. THE TOPIC IS NOT IMPORTANT; CHOOSE WHAT INTERESTS YOU; FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS IS WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOUR GRADE.PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME WHAT TOPIC YOU SHOULD CHOOSE. Then follow the steps below and write a 2 to 3 page paper. Be sure to present your paper in exact MLA-Style; use the direct link to MLA STYLE in this week’s lesson for guidance (see the direct link in the Week Three lesson and in External Links too. It is in both places so you can easily click the direct link to MLA Style). Please remember that your grade will be based on content, grammar, use of MLA-Style, and whether you have followed all of the organizational directions (as below) for this assignment.

NOTE: IT SEEMS THAT THERE IS ONLY LIMITED FREE ACCESS TO THE WEB-SITE. IT APPEARS THAT YOU CAN SCROOL THROUGH THE TOPICS AND THEN REGISTER YOUR EMAIL (FOR FREE) TO GET ACCESS TO THAT ONE ARTICLE YOU WISH TO READ. Alternatively, The Economist is a print publication: You can get one in a Library or buy a print copy. [You need NOT buy a full subscription]. And, if you encounter real difficulty, there is a PDF of an article in WEEK 3 that you can use if you have to.

Length: Two to three typed, double, spaced pages.

I. In the first paragraph, introduce the topic by stating the title of the article and its publication date. In this introductory paragraph, briefly tell what the article is about and your interest in it.

II. Spend TWO to THREE paragraphs summarizing the article. What is it about?

IV. Spend ONE to TWO paragraphs explaining your interest in and your view of the article. Do you agree with the perspective of The Economist? Why or why not?

V. Provide a clear conclusion paragraph in which you sum up what you have said in your essay.


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