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Proposal 1-2 pages (on any “problem” of interest to you–whether profitable or charitable). Follow the headings shared in the sample proposal emailed to you. Key Questions every proposal should answer include:

1. What’s the Problem?

[Demonstrate the gravity of the problem via relevant statistics and a pilot survey–both of which help establish your credibility]

2. What’s your proposed solution?: How will it Look (Project Design)

[In this section, provide a visual and also answer these related Qs: What’s my competition? What makes the proposed solution unique? Feel free to share more than one visual]

3. What are the goals/objectives?: Why?

4. Who is the solution/product/service targeted at?

5. Who is the proposing team?: What are the qualifications of the key team members?

[Share each member’s training, relevant experience, and skills via a table and list the minimal qualifications of all unfilled positions]

6. Where will the proposed business or service be located?

[Share a map and/or provide a rationale for the location]

7. When will the proposed business or service be operational?

[In addition to a sentence or two , share a table of Timelines & Milestones (i.e., chart deliverables at every step or Phase]

8. How much will it cost?: Proposed Budget

[In addition to a sentence or two , share a table with “Items” and estimated cost (include number of units, price per unit, and price source e.g., HP 200 Printer, priced at $122.55 on Amazon]

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