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psychology-19 | Term Paper Tutors

psychology-19 | Term Paper Tutors

1- Find any research related to COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY from the internet.

(any study related to the perception, attention, memory, problem-solving, concept

formation, language acquisition… preferably published in the last 10 years)

2. Copy the link of your article/research and paste it in your paper:

For example:…

3. Write the Introduction:

The Introduction is only one paragraph. Include in the opening sentences name(s)

of the author(s) and the title of the research then briefly explain the topic. Write in

your own words aim of the research and brief summary of the research. Content of

the research:

a. Problem presented

b. Hypothesis (if there is)

c. Background of the study

d. Method of research used

e. Participants/ subjects

f. Summary of the Findings

4. Conclusion

This is usually a very short paragraph. Give your evaluation of the research either

positive evaluation, negative evaluation or both. Then briefly present your


write about 1200 words

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