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Reaction Paper (social work)

Reaction Paper (social work)

Can you help me understand this Psychology question?

Watch the following presentation on Eco-Systems Theory: (Links to an external site.)

Then watch at least one of the 60 Minutes videos called “Hard Times Generation” available on YouTube.

For your Reaction Paper #1, using the content from both, describe how the EcoSystemstheory relates to the children and families in poverty that are interviewed by 60 Minutes. Notably, most of the children live in Florida! (A minimum of four pages) (**must cite AND include reference page**)

Here is a potential outline:


•State the theory and it’s major premises

•State the problem


•How do the theory and the problem relate?

•How does the theory explain the issues raised”

•Do the facts of the problem confirm/disconfirm the theory?

Implications for Social Work


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