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Research topic: Infection Prevention Among Immunocompromised Patients in Chemotherapy Problem statement: Chemotherapy is one of the avai

Research topic: Infection Prevention Among Immunocompromised Patients in Chemotherapy Problem statement: Chemotherapy is one of the avai

Research topic: Infection Prevention Among Immunocompromised Patients in Chemotherapy

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Problem statement: Chemotherapy is one of the available treatment procedures for cancer patients. It is established that it is negatively influencing the patients’ immunity, causing infections. Cancer is one of the prevalent ailments leading to high mortality rates across the globe. Various treatments are used to treat the condition, for instance, the use of chemotherapy. However, chemotherapy has been proven to lead to compromising the patient’s immunity. Therefore, to develop a better understanding of the same, research question should be answered, including: Question: What are the strategies that can be developed to prevent the infections enhanced by chemotherapy on patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments?
Significance: The nursing profession is vital since it plays an essential role in the healthcare industry. Specifically, for cancer patients, oncology nurses provide both pre-and post-treatment care for chemotherapy treatment procedures. Therefore, the above research’s conduction will provide more information and strategies that will be implemented to cater to and reduce infections from reduced patient body immunity.
 Professors Comment for extra instructions: Chemotherapy and infection prevention is important to the survival of many immunosuppressed patients. The literature should provide some good insight on this
Thom, K. A., Kleinberg, M., & Roghmann, M. C. (2013). Infection prevention in the cancer center. Clinical infectious diseases: an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, 57(4), 579585.
The literature review is one of the most important components, and often the most time consuming part, of a good research proposal. Without the solid foundation of a good literature review, it is difficult to make a strong research proposal.
This week, you will work to develop a rough draft of your literature review. You will continue to develop the literature review next week based on feedback provided by your instructor. Then in week 7, you will submit a well-polished literature review as part of your final research proposal.
The following requirements should be met in your literature review at :
● Include a minimum of six scholarly sources
● Organize in logical sections
● Include an overview of the literature
● Be unbiased in your presentation of information
● Include sources and content relevant to your research questions and hypothesis; state the relevance in your literature review
● Include a critical assessment of the sources. Do not simply include a summary of what you have read
● A strong introduction and conclusion, including further questions for research
● Proper APA formatting, citations, and references
Keep in mind that this is a rough draft, so the literature review does not need to be perfect. However, you should still submit a literature review with proper APA formatting, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar that meets all of the specifications of the assignment listed above. You will then receive feedback from your instructor and continue to do more research, and modify and improve your current literature review.
***This is a template. Please type over/delete all items in red prior to submitting your assignment.
Week 6 Homework: Retirement Contribution Problem
By Type Your Name Here
FIN100: Principles of Finance
Enter the Name of Your Instructor Here
Type the Date Here (ex. February 10, 2020)
Week 6 Homework: Retirement Contribution
Instructions: In one paragraph, summarize the details of the investment for both Larry and Beth. Explain the results in terms of time value of money. Discuss why one person was able to save a great deal more than the other. has more information
*Use black, size 12, Times New Roman, Arial, Courier, or Calibri fonts. Double-space your paragraph. Use paragraph headers as necessary to express your results. See the formatting instructions and samples under the Strayer Writing Standards link in the Course Shell.
No sources are required for this assignment, but if you include any research on retirement planning, please include your sources below.
Sample formatting for an online source:
1. Anya Kamenetz. July 10, 2015. The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives.
Please provide your source list below: 
1. Website 1
2. Website 2
3. Website 3
Your first research work, 7 – 10 pages in length with a bibliography and citations (follow the MLA for pagination purposes), will be due Wednesday, March 16, 2022, which is approximately half-way through the semester, given that a semester is 17 weeks in length. Your analysis of the literature studied in class must reach at least seven pages, as the bibliography—titled References—should not be considered when page length is provided. Follow the examples in the MLA style sheet that are presented in the text or access the Modern Language Association’s style sheet on the net or in the stacks in the library, to paginate your secondary sources that bolster and support your thesis statement.
This is just a suggestion as writing is an individual thing, but we will cover the process of analyzing literature in class several times by first writing an outline, in order to find major topics for development, to include material to be covered in different paragraphs, and to arrive at a thesis statement. The best way to approach this outline is first to determine the literature that you would like to consider for development. Don’t spend too much time with regard to this assessment; just go with your feelings following a first or second read of the short story of your choice. You may want to include more than one story for development of your thesis statement, but you certainly don’t have to do this. The way that I approach the outline is to randomly write my assessments of what I believe to be major areas for development by the author. You can include specific parts of the story for inclusion in these major areas, or you may want to include these areas in a separate process where notes on the primary story take place. Either way the idea is to present a major idea for development in a topic sentence with specific details concerning information presented by the author in the story included to round out the examples you present in your paragraphs. That is the essence of good writing, broad general ideas presented in your topic sentences with four to six sentences provided as examples supporting these topic sentences in the rest of the paragraph. Focus on the thesis statement should be your number one concern. Consider utilizing transitions leading your reader from one sentence to the following one and from one paragraph to the next.
It is not imperative to research many secondary sources to bolster your thesis. But it is wise to take notes based on your secondary research of outside sources and how these writers analyze the story under consideration and how these assessments apply to your thesis statement. Instead of quoting directly from these sources, it is suggested you provide your assessments of these writers’ analysis, by incorporating a synthesis of assessing why their words make sense to support your thesis. Using wording such as “According to” when introducing outside secondary sources and then naming the author’s last name and then proceeding with your take on why the information makes sense in the course of your development of the thesis is highly suggested. When you use direct quotes, the effect is jarring because the professional writer will certainly have a greater grasp of the language than you do. Also, using many direct quotes leads me to believe that you are desperate to reach the minimum length. Just believe in your own assessments and analysis of the literature, and you will most likely be in better shape than to place too much emphasis on published assessments of the literature at .
Give yourself a couple of days before finalizing the editing of your work. The best scenario is to finish the work and then return to it in a day or two, to begin the proofreading process. Pay attention to grammar and the notion of providing variety with respect to sentence structure throughout your work. Subject-verb agreement should also be strongly considered, as should run-on constructions (avoid) and fragments (also avoid). 
Good Luck
It is highly suggested to send me your thesis statement before beginning your research and writing. A quick email to my stu email address would suffice, and this way I can assess if your statement is argumentative and says something of substance before you begin. I can make suggestions to improve your thesis, if applicable.
The provided Excel workbook contains the average load data obtained from strain gauges installed on a bridge over the course of a year. 
Values between 0 and 10 are considered normal, between 20 and 30 are elevated, between 30 and 40 are high and above 40 is considered an overload.
Write a VBA macro using loops to colour the cells as follows:
1. Normal = Green
2. Elevated = Yellow
3. High = Orange
4. Overload = Red
The script should also count and display the number of values in each category

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