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security-policy-and-IT-infrastructure-Computer-Science-Assignment-Homework-Help – Nursing Writers Hub

security-policy-and-IT-infrastructure-Computer-Science-Assignment-Homework-Help – Nursing Writers Hub

Subject_1 ( 2pages_IT Infrastructure

Refer to the Guidelines for Homework Assignments in Course Documents(I will provide you those guidlines)

* Find a recent article (within the past 4 months) of a company who has experienced a computer/network threat. Summarize the type of threat, how it affected the company, and what the company has done about the situation. How could this have been prevented?

Subject_2 (2pages)_IT Security Policy

The end of chapter 14 contains case studies and examples of successful IT policy enforcement.  For this week’s assignment, you are to develop your own case study that discusses the various problems with enforcing IT policies.  Your case can either illustrate a lack of enforcement or successful enforcement. Include lesson’s learned, how enforcement could be improved, and any tools that would improve policy compliance. Your paper should be 2-3 pages. (Note: Graphs, charts, images, etc. do not count in the length of the paper.)


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