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Source credibility

Source credibility

I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Hello, I have this assignment due, The requirements are below, but let me explain it better. the assignment requires a current event, and I have chosen the Iraqi protest/revolution/movement of October 2019 and that is still going on. You need to open the UDHR website, read article 8, and compare it to the event in iraq. Also. look for two sources about the iraqi protest/revolution/movement. one has to be credible and the other not. Then explain why one is credible to research and the other isn’t. However, both of those sources have to talk about the current events that are happening in the Iraqi revolution. this should all be in 500-750 words. after finishing, include the work consulates page, and also highlight and scan. (1. Scan the title page and copyright page. 2. Highlight/mark and scan each page from which you took material, showing the material you have summarized, paraphrased, quoted and/or cited. 3. Save the title page, copyright page, and marked source pages as either a .pdf or .docx file labeled) at then end, I should recieve two docx. one that included the summary, and the other one included the scanning of the 2 sources.

One UDHR Article (Article + a related current news story ( the iraqi protest/revolution/movement of October 2019 )

Research and select two on-line news sources related to the Iraqi protest that started in October 2019 and is still going on. 1) one highly credible source and 2) one source that is not credible enough to use in a university-level research paper. In a 500-750 word essay, evaluate each source indicating: 1) what makes one a useful, credible, and appropriate source (incorporating the and the other a more questionable source.

Submit your “Source credibility assignment ,” including a Works Consulted and your two scanned “Sources”

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