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What Is a Caste System.

What Is a Caste System.

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Is caste immobility wherein moving from one caste to another is extremely rare. However, if a person has exceptional skills that are rare in society, he or she can ascend to a higher caste of professionals&nbsp.(McMahon 1).
People in the higher caste hold the political power, and within the caste, people are subdivided further under language, economic, and cultural aspects. Each member within a caste knows his or her place within the caste&nbsp.(N.D). The caste system is a culture practiced in many societies, though. the most known caste system is the Indian system. The Indian caste system is based on the Hindu religious scriptures. though, it is practiced in other religions. Each caste, in India, has its own rules and customs. The social orders are arranged in ranks with the first order being Brahmans that consists of priests and professionals. The second caste comprises the Kshatriyas, who include rulers and warriors. The third comprises the Vaishyas who are associated with traders. The fourth is the Shudras, the laborers. A group of other people not included in the four castes exists, the untouchable. The untouchable do menial jobs, such as garbage collection that made the society regard them as the impure ones&nbsp.(The US History Organization 2).

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