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Write 4 paragraphs

Write 4 paragraphs

Can you help me understand this History question?


PARAGRAPH 1: Buddhism

Respond in writing to the following questions after watching the video above.

  • Compare and contrast the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. What are some main differences between Buddhism and Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?
  • How might Jesus have responded to the following line from the Buddha’s sermons: “… he in whom self has become extinct … will desire neither worldly nor heavenly pleasures”? How might the Buddha have responded to the following line from the Sermon on the Mount: “You must … be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect”?
  • How would Augustine of Hippo respond to Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths? How would a Roman stoic respond to the Truths?

PARAGRAPH 2: The Medieval Church

Respond in writing to the questions below after watching the video above.

  • What powers and authority did the Church exercise in medieval society?
  • Illustrate and provide support for the ways in which the Church played both a religious and secular role in medieval society.

PARAGRAPH 3: Sistine Chapel

“It is scarcely possible, even with hard work, to imitate what Michelangelo accomplished. The ceiling is a true beacon of our art, and it has brought such enlightenment to paint that it illuminated a world which for hundreds of years had been in a state of darkness.” Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects (1550, 1568)

  • In the quotation above, Vasari articulates a concept of artistic progress with reference to Michelangelo’s work on the Sistine Chapel. How did the ceiling exemplify Varari’s claims about Michelangelo’s accomplishments? Provide specific examples.
  • Define Neoplatonism. From the text, how were Michelangelo and other Renaissance artists influenced by Neoplatonism? Provide specific examples.

PARAGRAPH 4: The Renaissance and Science

Respond in writing to the following questions.

  • How was Renaissance art informed by the sciences, and how were the sciences informed by Renaissance art?
  • You can provide examples from either the Italian Renaissance or Northern Renaissance or both. Please provide at least three specific examples.
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