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write a three page essay with the instructions given below:

write a three page essay with the instructions given below:

Can you help me understand this English question?

The goals are (1) to decide on a single experience you want to write about (maybe by trying out two or three to see which one is most interesting to you), (2) to remember as much about that experience as you can, and (3) to think about what significant change this experience caused and then to describe/narratie that change in writing

Purpose and Learning Objectives

  • A focused topic. Because of the brevity of this essay, you must limit your narrative to the essentials. For example, if you’re describing a crime, you don’t have the space to share all of the details of the crime: the police visit, the neighbor’s sympathy, etc. Choose your focus carefully, and use your small group as a resource. Ask your peers to comment on the scope of your essay. Is it too broad?
  • A topic that includes tension. Tension always undergirds a good story. For example, your essay might include a conflict between competing forces like trust vs. betrayal.
  • An interesting and informative title
  • An opening sentence that creates “information hunger” or solicits interest
  • MLA format (with in-text citations and a works cited page if you use secondary sources)
  • An introductory paragraph that includes a thesis toward the end of this first paragraph. The thesis includes your angle/stance on the topic.
  • At least three body or developmental paragraphs. Each developmental paragraph should contain a topic sentence and should develop the thesis in some way.
  • Vivid supporting details that communicate meaning with “showing” facts. Use sensory details; for example, what did you smell, hear, or feel? Avoid vagueness. Show. Don’t tell.
  • The inclusion of dialogue that is punctuated correctly. Remember to change paragraphs each time the speaker changes.
  • The use of a unique and engaging writing voice that suits your personality and your story.
  • A concluding paragraph that reinforces the change that occurred within you. The conclusion should provide a memorable end to the essay. Avoid introducing a new topic in your conclusion.
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